2 (but who’s counting?)


especially when you’ve hoofed the length of Gemstone Beach in winter. And it was such a lovely day, too. But when you get back into the car as an animated self-propelled goosebump about to crack the hot coffee, and you look up to see something like an approaching Ragnarok—


—you just have to risk a severe thump from a thawing Spouse to get back out and try to catch it. This is where I remind you that I shoot for the big screen—big screens make it all worth while. Little screens, no matter how you pinch ’em … brrrrr.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

(Oh poop—it’s her again, Little Virginia. Bugger …)

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … are you a wee bit technophobic?”

“I might be if I could say it, Kid—but yes, I do have te—”

“Sir … was it difficult transitioning from chalk and slate to pencil and paper?”


“Did you find pushbutton phones tough after rotary dialling?”


“Didn’t you find it a boon when you no longer needed blotting paper?”

“Listen, yo—”

“Wasn’t it wonderful when they added sound to the movies?”

“… … … I’m a luddite~?”

“Just a wee bit of a dinosaur, Sir … but we love you anyway …”


Now look at the texture on this guy’s skin …


—and he doesn’t look his hundred and sixty million years; so there’s hope for me yet.


3 gerbils



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