Here’s hoping I’m still in the bracket …


LAYERS of bricks that go to make up St Mary’s Basilica in Invercargill. Try as I might I just couldn’t get things to line up … dumb dog. So how about some doomed architecture?


I flipped the image to make it a bit more layery. It’s part of an old semi-industrial estate that is now being overtaken by the 21st century and fast becoming a commercial estate.

I believe this shed is doomed … certainly no-one alive can replicate this shot, there’s now a huge sparkling new business building twixt where I took the snap and the shed; and more to come. The plethorae of seagulls that lurked here have had to move along, which is just as well ‘cos in nesting season gulls take exception to my presence and I’ve had to beat a very hasty retreat on several occasions. Let ’em eat cake, I say~!


Okay … you got ’em—


—the back stairs to H&J’s (big store, Invercargill) upstairs ‘Copper Kettle’ nibblery. No, I’m not on a commission and score no fee for stating that they do damn’ good value chips … oops, yes, layers:

of steps. And now, try to figure this one I took just this morning—


—and now you’ve given up (or are cheating, tut!) … it’s layers of springy rubbery stuff for falling infants to land on if they come off the swings, in Glengarry. (We called in with a carload of stuff for the large Op Shop there this morning). More? Okay …


It’s been many years since I sailed the Atlantic but my fondest memories are of how it sparkled (like the Pacific and others never did). Then on a brisk walk during the weekend my peripheral was caught by a triggered memory, a flash of water that evoked a Proust’s madeleine-like reaction. The sparkles caught me but short of a movie clip there was no way I could catch them, sadly. Layers? Heck with it, I just wanted to fit the sparkles in somewhere …


bricks. Again—


—this is a house-of-god that had to be shut for many months whilst the ungodly were beavering away inside de-asbestosing the place. It may even be still shut for all I know, but at least it didn’t have to be demolished like the once lovely H of G in Invercargill’s Windsor suburb.


layers. The management in Queens Park has it in for trees and they are going under the mallet at a great rate. The latest excuse for de-treeing is “to put in a frisbee golf course”.

The mind boggles, but here’s what a good guy with a chain saw can do with a tree—


—which at thirty something rings is probably older than the average organic robot following orders (did nobody tell these people that trees gobble carbon dioxide?).

The challenge would be to get folks to take it seriously—I accept that climates change, because that’s what climates do; but conservationists?

And now please excuse me, in the op shop earlier I bought three frisbees and have to brush up on some faded skills (can’t beat em, so I’m joining ’em.)(Boom boom~!)





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