… tranquility in urbis.


Queens Park there’s a lovely little Japanese Garden. Looked after by a ‘raker of the day’ who sometimes does a superb job and on other days simply plops the rake down and makes a few desultory wee squirgles (squiggles, swirls). No class or poor programming but it’s a job …


this vast metropolis (50,000 people!) is again being twinned, this time with the new dominant economic power—and we’re getting a Chinese Garden, being installed close to the Japanese Garden.

There will of course be a huge bunfight when it is officially opened. Champagne will flow, corns will be popped and many pledges of eternal friendship and other guff will delight the ears. Hopefully dancing girls … maybe one of the ‘dragon dance’ things complete with gongs, bells and whistles? To be met head on with a jolly old Haka or two?

Over the years I’ve taken a few snaps of the Japanese Garden but never caught the essence, here be a couple, make of ’em what we may …

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.05.20.png

and …

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.04.45.png

(love that ‘keyline’ effect! Boom boom!)

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 11.34.01.png

Unfortunately all access is roped off and sight-lines limited by terrain. I’ve sneaked in a couple of times …

The last time I broke bounds I saw an Asian damsel of about nineteen-ish doing the same, and tracked her until she went back public and was kneeling in the legal open for a shot; at which point I greeted her and said mock-chidingly that I’d been watching her …

… to which she gave me an impish smile and said the same, glancing over at where I’d been illicitly head down and tail up over something. Sobering thought.

I must be getting old… we got chatting and she explained that she was a student at the local Inst of Tech. I wish I’d thought to get a snap, she was absolutely delightful.

And, dammit—my undercover shots were rubbish so I ditched the lot. Win/lose a few … and to finish here’s a tiny stand-alone thingy in the street, apparently part of the same ‘twinned cities’ package—

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.05.41.png


—and I love it~!


* Can’t blame them, it’s what they’re paid for; and The Buck is what it’s all about, no?


5 thoughts on “PEACE …

  1. Very pretty, peaceful garden (well you don’t have the wildlife to disturb you) And stalking young Oriental damsels in public gardens? tut tut, over here you would get hit with a big stick for less!

    1. Wee cutie was aware of moi before I was of her, I think. She gets the points, I’m just the bunny this time.

      But she was lovely, though …

    1. I love the colours. I’m expecting a good selection this year and hopefully can dedicate a whole post to them, for you.
      (Sending another man’s wife flowers? Hah—you can do that when you’re a dog) (woof).

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