—and all is change. Spring is here and today is bitter with driving rain.

There have been changes. Our beloved Pyramid is officially ‘earthquake prone’ so closed to the public. But we are allowed to hoof around the outside and may peer at the tuataras through the glass.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 18.02.12.png

Our perky Living Treasures have resurfaced after the winter. (They never seem to move, but they look perky~!)

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 22.08.36.png

This used to be an absolute hive of activity, and even now still gets the odd uninformed tourist blinking at the “Hard luck! We’re shut!” notices on the locked doors. (Earthquake prone, you see.)

That wee observatory to the left was declared hazardous a year or two back. And now, the statue of Minerva—

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 22.05.25.png

—slated for removal also … renovation, they said. Each time I went to see if she’d gone, she hadn’t, but reprieves are temporary. Still, if I feel the need for company I can always hoof off to the vibrant heart of town—

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 22.09.50.png

—bearing in mind that the entire block (to our right as we peer up along Esk Street …) is due for the chop. Except for the gift-wrapped Kelvin Hotel at the end, and the facade of the former ‘Southland Times’ building, all to be removed and replaced with a new wonderfully modern shopping mall that will be the envied paradigm for malls everywhere.

Frankly I think that someone hasn’t done his homework; but thankfully I’m not a taxpayer in this town. But I do often use the library.

That too is undergoing ‘exciting new modernisation’ (now dribbling to a finish). We’ve lost the escalators (replaced with stairs) and the Children’s Section has been mixed in with adults.

I seized an opportunity at one point in the exciting new renovations and scored this exciting capture which shows the exciting new separated by a temporary space divider—

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 22.12.43.png

—old to the left, new to the right. I much preferred it as it was, kids isolated in their own world and we had escalators … but these days the sick, lame, or lazy can always use the lifts out of sight at the back.


Oh ... WOW!.png

Oh  …  WOW!


11 thoughts on “INVERCARGILL PARKY

  1. Begs the question why when they spent £’s? building the pyramid did they not think of earthquakes? And is the new mall going to be shockproof? If not go sit in it for a while, wait for the earth to move, and claim millions in compo! That’ll teach ’em.
    (Love that moggy shot!)

    1. The pyramid, I’m reliably told, was constructed using four pre-existing buildings as part of whole. Not that as a casual visitor (often!) I ever had any idea at all, you’d never guess.
      When I sent a written challenge to the nice people I got a well worded courteous reply—apparently the building is indeed a risk in event of earthquake (it was a panic closure at less than a week’s notice)*.

      New Zealanders don’t know the difference between the words ‘prone’ and ‘risk’ … so every building here that doesn’t meet modern standards for earthquaking-proofing is labelled ‘earthquake prone’.
      To me ‘prone’ means it happens to you a lot … so it makes excellent sense to advertise to the world that you get lots of quakes, especially when your tourist industry is one of your majors? (But we have world-beating ‘best in the universe’ rugby players as a back-up …) (oops, and still our sheep outnumber us).

      Moggy shot sadly isn’t one of mine, I lifted it from the wwweb but didn’t get an address to give it a credit. I just wish wish wish it was one of mine~!

      * Makes one wonder why nobody had mentioned it before …

    1. Wasn’t, though. It petered out—and that shot was exactly how the day was, no photoshopping there, I tell you~!

    1. And closing … closing them must create a vacancy, which has to be filled?

      Weirdly K-mart is building a whole block-sized version of their own just a couple of hundred metres away and I think their’s will open first. No consideration has been given to the folks with businesses in the whole block they are demolishing—the Council just kepy buying up old properties, taking over leases and stuff, and when the time was right (now) issuing “get the hell out” notices to all the in-good-faith tenants. Some have been there a very long time.

      1. “… and God fulfils Himself in many ways, ‘lest one good custom should corrupt the world” (Tennyson)

        So we have to have our lovely huge malls—which make good sense.
        I also understand that towns and cities all over the place are becoming littered with the corpses of deceased malls …

        As we all know, Capitalism is about using money to make money.
        Sometimes such usage is a gamble, which a real capitalist takes in his stride (if he goofs he goes broke and it’s his own fault) … but the Council gambling with taxpayer monies? I don’t see that as a good thing … and devil take the hindmost, especially the poor boofwit who mortgaged his home to establish a business where he thought he was safe, and then this is sprung on him …

  2. So a 76-year-old woman, disabled, unable to climb stairs and claustrophobic does what to get to the library?
    I am absolutely in love with Minerva …. can’t you spirit her away in the night?

    1. Wee lassie has to go through the library ground floor to the lift/elevator tucked away out of sight through the back (but she can use the ground floor, no problem)(not much).

      As for Minerva, she’s gone now and her plinth demolished, replaced by some ‘relocatable’ offices/buildings. I understand Minnie is now in storage somewhere awaiting refurbishment … my ‘guess’ is that we won’t see her back. Not here at least, but wait … won’t she make a wonderful addition to the lovely new Mall in the CBD (somewhat grandiosely over-named ‘Central Business District’?

      Watch this space … I’ll do a Minerva Special on my ‘Dreaming Cavalier’ WP site, I’ve built up a collection over the years.

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