but sadly

mix ‘n’ match in the following. ‘Twas ever thus …

A hare, they say, divides the False and True …

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 09.32.51.png

—and this guy sits patiently in a downtown (Dee Street) pub. I’ve entertained notions of kidnapping said beast but would probably get savagely savaged for my troubles. (Not by the hare—by the barlady) (they have some dolly damsels tending bar here, and on occasion some formidable battle-maidens. It would be just my luck …)

NEXT:  A norse.

An ‘orse? (Damn this long forgotten Cockney accent …)

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 09.39.47.png

There’s a young foal in the field behind, and like a good parent anywhere this one checks out intruders.

Peace, friend … en passant …


and herewith something one doesn’t see often. A foxglove cruising at periscope depth …

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 09.39.07.png

—so I mowed around it, leaving a long stripe unmown back to the parent plant. The Spouse mildly mentions sometimes that we have idiosyncratic lawns but I counter with words to the effect that if the Gods had meant us to have clipped grass they’d have evolved it that way. (So there~!)

Moving on, to—

—the the Land Of Nod

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 09.37.04.png

—yes; it’s ‘nodding grass’.

In town (Invercargill) on a derelict site I found some, burgled a few bits and now have several patches growing. You can’t see here but the slightest breeze sets the whole lot dancing—it may be a weed but just see if I care: I love it!


Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 09.31.23.png

—I saw this in a charity shoppe just yesterday. Santa Maria in a bottl  glass thing; and my shot does it no justice at all … “No!” squawked The Spouse in alarm and (dare I say?) so emphatically that seagulls took flight outside. A redundant bellow—I have too many of these sorts of things already.

But …

Naaaaaah …

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 20.53.54

“Wisdom, Argie, is knowing when to bite your tail …”



5 thoughts on “NEW LENS~!

  1. Sadly an Argus summary fills volumes, but in essence: when much younger I had an Olympus OM2N, Cokin filters, and several lenses. Served me very well until I had to scale down. And went digital with a Canon that had a huge zoom range.

    Flash forward to a couple of years ago when for my truly beloved little portable digital camera (Olympus 740) I could no longer get memory cards; I tried on a new Olympus. It snuggled into my hand and fitted … I bought it.
    I could never be bothered doing the whole bit and taking photography seriously, the one zoom lens suited my style; and The Spouse bought me a Cokin holder and polariser for that Xmas. That’s all I used until just a couple of weeks ago when she bought me a small, compact, (but for my usages quite powerful) zoom.

    I just adore Olympus and have for decades. Understated quality … yet affordable.

    As for proper SLRs I still don’t understand why people buy a camera where half the works are a great big prism (and mirror system) that create vibrations, but that’s people for you …

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