—first, let me set the scene:

The Spouse brought me a wee gift. She loves rabbiting around in charity shops. You know, those places where all the goods have been donated for sale by voluntary folks, with all proceeds supposedly going to fund Charities. The Sallies (Salvation Army), the Red Cross, the Hospice, and St Johns Ambulance spring to mind.

We donate mostly to the ‘Habitat For Humanity’ ourselves, further out with smaller chance that we’ll buy our own stuff back; and they too do a damned fine job. (We? Yep—I love ’em too)(but not so much these days since they all went professional and cleaned their acts up. A lot—you used to be able to poke through dusty shelves, brush away the spiders and occasionally find a treasure—not so now, they’ve all gone upmarket. Dammit …)


blogging away when a wee statuette was shyly shoved onto the desk. And of course I had no option but to lose my train of thought and look over…

…and immediately fell in love. I named her ‘Bessie’.

Why Bessie? How the hell do I know? Alliteration, perhaps, or maybe in a previous life I had a ladyfriend called Bessie? Any way, here she be—

My Lords, Ladies, Gentlemen and Others, may I present

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 23.10.18.png


—other shots will be following when I shoot her again, by daylight.


12 thoughts on “WITH NO REFERENCE

    1. Easter, perhaps?
      (Naaaaahhhh …) As for preggers, not a hope in Hades—she can run faster than me … and sleeps lightly~!

      1. Bessie may be some covert reference to a once-was-not-biblical theme, that got hijacked by the superstitious.
        But to answer your question:
        — don’t they everywhere? Have you never in the fields stumbled across wee grassy nests filled with furry eggs? (Sheesh …)

      2. Pink,

        We Texans do ALL SORTS of freaky, twisted, genetic procedures here. We are a shoe-in for “The State of Dr. Moreau”!!!! 👹🐷🐰🐣 We LOVE squealing animals here! 😉

    1. Utterly, Ma’am! (You have to actually see her in three dimensions to appreciate … but I shall post more images.) Boom boom!

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