on my walk … when in the sky I perceived a flying thingy, which I cleverly (by a process of deduction and elimination) concluded was an unidentified flying aircraft. I took a photo or two then finished my walk at this computer with a cup of coffee and an interest in finding out more about celestial visitations. Not one of ours, ‘cos anything from Invercargill wouldn’t be that high, that fast, or that insouciant.

So I used a program called ‘Flight Tracker’.

And in no time at all it produced this—

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 17.43.02.png

—wee screenshot from the bigger picture.

And by now that beast is oodles further out to sea and well on its way to Santiago. If you are interested enough to want to identify flying things close to you, just click the image above which should take you to the Flight Tracker itself (you do your own thing from there).

Good luck and happy spotting~!

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 23.10.18

And Bessie Bunny says to say  “Hi~!” (Who would I be to refuse her?)


Just checked … that craft is now at 33000 feet and doing 566 knots …

8 thoughts on “SO, THERE I WAS

    1. Me too … I watched in almost real time recently when my sister returned to the USA after a wee break in civilisation. (In my next incarnation, don’t put me down for Flight Controller … brrr)

    1. Likewise, and thank you—very much appreciated. Here’s a wee thought at this time of celebration … did you know that the word “Goodbye” evolved from “God be with you”?
      Blessings on you and yours, CS.

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