IF YOU LIKED any of my  posts in this blog, you’ll know my style.

IF YOU LIKED my style (face it, not everyone does) you may just like my book. Read on …

No-one I  sent the MS to liked it enough to publish it. Yet I like it—it’s a bit risqué in places (means raunchy) without ever exceeding the bounds of good taste; and it poses both answers and questions to some of the deepest philosophical issues of mankind. Wow.

But enough of my bragging, why not go there and have a beak at it yourself? Quite safe (it’s within WordPress), entirely free, and in a pdf format. Sadly there’s no links inside it so you’ll just have to make a note of where you’re at each time, but I did number the pages.

In brief: a Valkyrie is tasked by Odin with prevention of the Ragnarok. Given that Ragnarok is inevitable, she has a wee bit of a problem …


  • never wondered if Victorian era German doctors were as celibate as your local priesthood?
  • Did King Arthur ever make it to Avalon, was Troy really sacked?
  • What did the dread pirate Blackbeard and the mighty Achilles have in common?
  • Was Fenris ever a pup? And who was Sondra, anyway?
  • How it all will end—?




Ragnarok or Bust


—my book is a pdf, somewhat amateurish perhaps, but free:

ROB for PD

NOW GET THEE HENCE (and enjoy)~!

(And what the hell is a ‘Sleipnir’?)



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