highly spirited young girl … and the Ghosts of Swindleham.


This tale too is free to a good home. Your home? Read on and be enlightened. Entertained. Whatever …

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 20.45.03IN BRIEF

‘Tabitha’ is the tale of a young girl just starting her own way in life. She’s modern, feisty, and determined in everything she does — regardless of whoever says that she can’t, mustn’t, or (darkly) had better not … and this includes her teachers at school, the prefects, the local mayor, his greedy grasping councillors, politicians, and the armed might of the British Army. Navy too.

MISS TABITHA is one tough little cookie. But she’s not alone, she has her friend Delissimo Snoot (the great inventor) and his adopted son Dazzle; some Ghosts too, and the legendary sword Excalibur. As is often said, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” but with enemies like hers she will need all the help she can get if she’s to try to prevent the onset of the coming new Dark Age …


for children of all ages. I mean all. It’s written as fiction. But is it fiction?

As they say, You be the judge.



Tabitha Templar


SquirrelAnd if you go there, be warned—

—there’s more to our little Tabby than meets the eye~!


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