This book is also free to a good home. A bit different (if you know me you’ll know what I mean) but I’m sure that if you can fog a mirror you’ll like it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 19.49.42


‘Wanda’ is the tale of a young woman making her own way in life. Modern, feisty, and absolutely determined  to take the easy(?) way up by marrying wealth. By marrying great wealth, Wanda’s no piker. And she can’t help her often misunderstood surname, dating back to the Vikings or not.

Some might say that coming from the wrong side of the tracks she’s a wee bit handicapped in her Quest but Wanda is nothing if not resourceful in the extreme — and she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

She makes her buck (sometimes) in real estate. She can’t help it that by pure accident she stumbles upon a secret that currently has the hunkiest secret agents of three continents homing in on her. In fact, things are all the more awkward for her because she has no idea that she’s in possession of a top secret secret … dammit, things get complicated all the more by her unsuspecting innocent naivete.


play parts too—

  • Sha Kee is the owner of the real estate firm that employs her, and she takes a benevolent interest in Wanda’s progress.
  • Spenser is the mega-rich international arms dealer Wanda targets as Future Spouse; she can’t help it that he keeps popping off overseas at inconvenient moments, or that gorgeous little man-trap Sonia also has him in her sights.
  • Pu is her cat. Suffice to say that if Wanda’s not around (she often gets tied up in her work) Pu is quite capable of opening his own cat food cans … with his teeth …




Wanda 2015


SquirrelAnd if you go there, be warned—

—there’s more to our cute little Wanda than meets the eye.

So click the links and read for yourself her story in her own words (just as she told it to me herself, in fact) …



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