and with a clear conscience, boom boom!

Taken yesterday whilst out hoofing the roads and keeping out of The Spouse’s way …

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 07.38.09.png

—I can never resist a bit of natural framing. And now, social comment—

I mentioned recently in my ‘Cassandric’ blog that the Christmas commercial nausea began being cranked up here back in September.

Then last week in a Countdown supermarket in town, this—

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 07.39.08.png

—attempting to crank up for the commercial nausea of Easter. Small wonder I take so little interest in these things—although I’ll admit that I do enjoy those spicy buns, split and lightly toasted and absolutely slabbled in butter whilst still hot. Boom boom!


I’d bring out a new law to the effect that no use of My Name could be applied to any commercial activities until just three weeks short of The Day. (Thank God I’m not God, then.)

Christmas should be a time of rejoicing, or celebrated as the Winter Solstice, or whatever … but please, not a blatant blasted both barrels full bore bloody commercial bunfest~!





One thought on “SNAP~!

  1. Aha! I see what you mean about being similar to my hitherto snap, which, to use an Argism, I snup a while back last year. St. Paddy’ Day in fact. I remember coz there was a lady walking along the trail in the opposite direction wearing a big green foam top hat replete with clover motif. I snup her too. Maybe I should see what I can do with the shot and post it.

    As for premature advertising of upcoming festivities, I share your irritation. It’s just unnecessary, verging on the darned right ridiculous.
    Hot crossed buns though…toasted…buttery…

    Lovely first pic. Let nature do all the compositional work, I say. 🙂

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